Wild Turkey Recipes

Most hunters will tell you wild turkey is a bit tougher and stronger flavored then your store bought birds. The wild turkey is a lot drier then the farm raised birds. All and all it is still a great game bird to eat.

If you have a great turkey recipe you would like to share send it along. We would love to add it to our list.

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Wild Turkey Recipes


Green Onion Turkey Chinese Fried Rice – Makes a really great main course or side at your next party.


Garlic Lime Turkey Fajitas – The seasoning and freshness of the lime make this a really great turkey recipe.


Blackened Turkey Sandwiches – On the bun and on the run this is a great sandwich.


Grilled Honey Mustard Turkey Sandwiches – Another great sandwich to stuff that bird into.


Texas Ranch Turkey Casserole – A great dish to share with company or bring to a party.


Smoked Paprika Rub Turkey – Seasoning these great birds makes all the difference.


Brined and Smoked Turkey – Everyone is sure to love this classic.



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