Wild Hog Hunting Tips

Welcome to our Wild Hog Hunting Tips Section. Here you will find some tips, stories, and recommended products to help you control these destructive yet delicious animals.

For more information on Wild Boars and the problems they pose check out the Wild Pig Info site put on by the Mississippi State University.

Wild Hog Hunting Tips

Hunting Of Wild Boar – Brush up on some of your pig hunting basics. See what happens when you mix hogs, dogs, and a sword.


The Domestic Pig Problem – Who knew a problem could taste this good. See what the Arkansas farmers are doing to manage feral pigs.


Pig Meat Prep – These wild hog hunting tips will teach you to shoot to kill as humanely as possible. Watch and learn how to field dress a hog.


You Are Living In Hog Country – They might think they are taking over.  Learn a couple things about hog calls.


Preparing Wild Boar – Some of the good and bad of hog meat. Check out this BBQ hog recipe.


Hunting Down Wild Boars – To kill a pig? or not to kill a pig. That is the question. Heli-hog hunting is on tap today.


The Dog For The Job – Overview of dogs used in hog hunting. Watch a Mountain Cur ruin a squirrels day.


Pig Hunting 101 – Always practice the fundamentals. Pick up some wild boar hunting and safety tips.


Three Products To Take Wild Hog Hunting


Nuisance Hogs – A pain in my stomach. Another video tip to down a feral pig.


Hunting The Big Pig – Size does matter. It’s truly a wonderful world we live in.


Wild Boar Hunting Georgia – The bigger the better. Actually the little ones always taste the best. Do you buy the whole hogzilla stories?


Chasing After Wild Hogs – Stalk that hog son. Learn to recognize hog signs.


California Wild Boar Hunting – West Coast!!! 3 great tips to taking out a massive pig.


A Wild Hog Problem – Conservation is something we should all practice. I would like to introduce feral pigs of the world to night vision.


A Hog Baiting Method – The old bait and switch. Learn how to butcher a wild pig.


Archery Hog Hunting – Learn the basics of putting an arrow through a pig.


The Real Problem Of Wild Hogs – See why we need to do something.


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