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Our gear guide has been put together not only to feature hunting gear but also some other outdoor activities that you can do with the whole family.

As a hunter you probably have a deep appreciation for nature and that is something that could be easily shared with your friends, family members, and community. Camping, fishing, and hiking are great ways to spend your hard earned vacation days in outdoors with your family. They will also keep you in great shape for the upcoming hunting season and help you do a little bit of covert scouting.

Sharing your passion for the outdoors is one of the greatest things that you can do. Even if you your friend or family member doesn’t develop a love for hunting you may be creating another advocate for the protection of our public lands. Fishing groups, hiking groups, along with hunting organizations are some of the strongest proponents for keeping our public land public and in a natural state.

Let’s have a look at some of those outdoor activities we should be out doing throughout the year and the gear you will need to get out there and inspiring others.

Our Camping Gear Guide

Our camping gear guide will not only take through some of the gear you will need for a successful camping trip but also share with you some activities you can do while camping and some basic tips to make you a better woodsmen, women, or bush babies. Spending a night or week out in the wilderness a great immersion course for the whole family on living in a natural environment and it will give those young ones a taste of what it was like to live in North America when it was settled.

As important it is for hunters to be safe while in the wilderness it is just as important to be safe while camping. Wild Smart and The National Park Service are both great websites to learn how to be safe and smart while you are enjoying the outdoors with wildlife. Ensuring your food is properly stored while camping and following a few simple rules will ensure you have a great camping trip free from those no good freeloading bears.

To ensure your camping trip goes flawlessly you need to pack camping gear that covers your basic needs of food, water, and shelter. Once you have the basics covered you can worry about any luxury items you may want to bring. Try and leave those electronics at home though. By taking a break from the modern world you are going to see that there are more important things around you then your email.
Camping Gear

Our Camping Gear Guide

Our Shooting Gear Guide

Our shooting gear guide covers the different types of weapons that are used in ethical hunting. As important as it is to have a trusty rifle, shotgun, bow, handgun, or muzzleloader it is more important to be proficient in using the weapon safely.

The price you pay for a hunting weapon does not excuse you from the practice you have to put into it. Even though the firearm or bow is expensive and full of features to improve its performance you still have to be diligent in your practise and maintenance. Plan to get to the archery and rifle a couple times during the off-season to keep your skills up and ensure you are on target for hunting season.

Firearms and bows are expensive pieces of hunting gear. If properly cleaned and maintained they should last you a lifetime and should be something that you can share with future generations of hunters.


Shooting Gear

Our Shooting Gear Guide

Our Hiking Gear Guide

Our hiking gear guide shares with you some ideas on how to get yourself off the couch and out hitting the paths and trails throughout this great continent. It will help you choose your gear wisely so that you get the best value for your investment.

Hiking is one of the most enjoyable was to get exercise and prepare you for the miles of walking you will do during the hunting season. It is a great way to do your pre-season hunting scouting throughout the year and it is a family friendly activity.

This year is the year that you and your family should take up hiking together. It’s a great way to spend time together and also help future generations learn an appreciation for the great outdoors.


Hiking GearOur Hiking Gear Guide

Our Fishing Gear Guide

Our fishing gear guide covers the not only the gear you will need to get out and hit the rivers but also so tips and tricks to help you make the most of the day.

As we know most hunters like to spend their off-seasons on the lakes and rivers throughout North America fishing. As North Americans we are very fortunate to have so much clean and available fresh water. We are also very lucky to have such an abundant variety of fish to well fish.

So matter if you are a diehard fly fishermen or just a guy that like to troll with a jig we should have some tips to help you improve your fishing success.
Fishing Gear

Our Fishing Gear Guide

Our Wildlife Photography Gear Guide

Our wildlife photography gear guide will help you to find the perfect video or still camera to take with you on almost every adventure you can plan.

I have spent probably so much time in the wilderness that it would add up to months if not years. I would bet almost every time I have been out in nature I have seen something new or amazing. A lot of times in the past I would wish that I would have brought a camera or video camera with me to record the moment.

With the availability of stronger more durable cameras and the drop in cost to own one there is now no excuse to not record these amazing experiences.

Wildlife Photography

Our Wildlife Photography Gear Guide

Our Gear Guide To House and Home

Our gear guide to house and home will help you to find those perfect pieces to decorate your country home or cottage.

Living in a rural community presents some challenges when it comes to finding unique or rustic décor for either a log cabin our country house. You are usually limited to a couple local stores for your shopping and usually when you go to a friend’s house you are going to find they bought the same thing.

With our house and home section we try to feature some pretty good designers from around the world who will give you those hard to find unique or rustic pieces.

House And Home

Our House And Home Gear Guide

Our Gear Guide To Kayaks, Canoes, and Accessories

Our gear guide to kayaks, canoes, and accessories will give you a good overview on these popular North American water sports and help you find the perfect gear to make your day on the lake or river a memorable one.

Having an easy to transport personal watercraft is a great addition to any hunters bag of tricks. They will allow you access areas other hunters probably haven’t accessed for generations. A canoe, raft, or small boat is also perfect for packing out large game like moose from riverbeds or marsh lands.

A canoe or kayak is the perfect buy for any outdoors family. They provide countless hours of adventure and are a great way to get your exercise in.

Our Hunting Gear Guide

Our hunting gear guide will help you find the gear you need to improve your chances at a successful harvest. Learn all about the latest on hunting knives, hunting calls, and hunting clothing. Also be sure to check out our Shooting Gear section to help you find the perfect bow, rifle, shotgun, handgun, or muzzleloader for your next hunt

To get you out in the field and hunting you really only need a weapon, a good hunting knife, and a lot of determination. Hunting gear can be expensive and is something you should build up over time. Sure you can drop thousands of dollars into all the latest gear and hunting technology but that isn’t going to make you a great hunter overnight. Experience in the wilderness and knowledge of the animals you are hunting will make you a better hunter. The gear and gadgets you buy will only improve your comfort level while you are out hunting and your odds of seeing the game you are after.

hunting gear

Our Hunting Gear Guide

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