Rabbit Recipes

Below are some of delicious rabbit recipes for you to try out after your next hunt. Rabbit on its own can be a bit bland which is why you need to season it thoughly. It is an incredibly lean meat that your doctor will probably thank you for eating.

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Rabbit Recipes


Cajun Rabbit  – Seasoned to a spicy perfection.


Country Fried Rabbit Legs – Can you ever go wrong with fried rabbit.


Gourmet Rabbit Burger – Any meat tastes good in the center of a bun.


Grilled Lemon Thyme Rabbit – A fresh and delicious way to prepare rabbit.


Rustic Smoked Rabbit – If the smoker is running, toss a rabbit in. You can thank me later.


Smoked Rabbit Sausage – Great for your BBQ or add to a pasta sauce.


Spicy Louisiana Rabbit – Another way to spice up a rabbit dish.



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