moose recipes

Moose Recipes


Garlic Roast Moose Recipe – A great winters meal.


Country Moose Breakfast Sausage Recipe – Add a couple eggs and you have a pretty good way to start the day.


Smoked Moose Brisket Recipe – Slow cooked to perfection


Juicy Moose Burger Recipe – In a bun and on the run. Moose is always delicious.


Carrots Potato Moose Stew – Another great dish on a cold winters day.


Moose Barley Soup Recipe – A great way to serve moose to non-hunters.


Stir Fry Moose Recipe – Great for the trimmings not going into the burger pile.


Pepper Garlic Moose Jerky Recipe – A great jerky recipe for all your wild game.


BBQ Moose Jerky Recipe – Another great way to preserve that game meat.



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