Hunting Dogs

Hunting Dogs

The History Of Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs have an amazing history with human hunters. It is a good idea to understand just how both hunters and hunting dogs fit into modern day civilization.

Almost all the great species of hunters throughout time have figured out that there is a benefit to hunting in packs. We as humans are no different and through this pack mentality began to develop our hunting packs into what eventually evolved into our modern day communities.

As hunters, humans excel at pack hunting and living in communal groups. Living in these initial hunting packs allowed us to provide for and protect each other. Overtime a bond was formed. Within these first hunting packs we began to develop trust, loyalty, and companionship with each other. At around this time we began to develop this bond with another animal that hanging around our hunting packs. That animal overtime eventually became our modern day domestic dog.

It is not wonder that still to this day you are not going to find a better hunter partner than a well-trained hunting dog. This hunting partnership between man and dog has been going on since almost the beginning of time.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are not something that you can buy on looks alone. Each breed of hunting dogs comes with its own set of benefits and challenges.  Before you set out to buy a breed you need to determain which dog will be the best fit for you and your family.

Your Budget

How much money you have to spend on a hunting dog is going to weigh heavily on the breed and pedigree of dog that you are going to buy. A puppy coming sired from champion parents is going to cost you a lot more money than something you pick up from the rescue.

Type Of Hunting You Do

Before you rush out and buy the most badass looking dog on the market you need to research which hunting dogs fit your style of hunting. As much as you don’t want to hunt a lion with a beagle you also don’t want to hunt a rabbit with a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Your Dog Training Experience

Every breed of hunting dog is going to have it’s own distinct traits that are geared towards hunting. Sometimes these traits require very minor encouragement other times it is going to take a lot of work to bring them out. Every type of dog hunting dog or not is going to come with its own personality and its own challenges. If you are new to owning a dog you will want to research how easy that breed is to train.

Your Living Situation

Before you purchase any hunting dogs you need to take a close look at your living situation.

Do you live with other people?

How much room do you have for an active dog?

How much time do you have for an active working dog?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

Every dog is different and every type of hunting dogs have their own special traits and faults.Some of the best hunting dogs have hyperactive personalities and require lots of exercise and room to run and play. Some of the best hunting dogs are aggressive to other animals and young children. If you live inner city or have a young family you need to really ask yourself these questions.



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Hunting Dogs For Beginners and New Owners
Before they were man's best friend they were hunting dogs. Learn all about what you need to bring a hunting dog into your life.