Hunting Dog Breeds

Learning about each breed of hunting dog is your first step to determining the best dog for you to take home. Hunting Dog Breeds vary from some of the smallest dogs on the planet to some of the largest and most powerful breeds.

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Hunting Dog Breeds


Three Main Types Of Hunting Hounds – Learn about the various types of hunting dogs. See why you should choose a German Short Haired Pointer.


Choosing The Right Gun Dog – See if a City Dog Or Country Dog Fits Your Hunting Lifestyle. See if the Bluetick Coonhound is right for your family.


The Retriever – Truly one of man’s best friends. See if you would be better off with a Goldie or a Lab.


Breeds For Hunting Rabbits – Its the size of the fight in the dog that matters. See if your family is ready for a beagle.


Hunting Dogs 101 – A great general overview of what breeds a natural born hunters. See if you suit a Dogo, Spaniel, or Terrier.


Dog Squirrel Training – Small dog breeds great for small game hunting. Are you ready for a Cur or Jack Russell. Lets find out.


Training Dogs For Hunting – Learn about some famous hunting dog breeds. Learn if you are ready for a Weimaraner or if you can handle an Irish Setter.


Bird Dog – Learn about the breeds of dogs that flush, point, and retrieve. Check out these videos on the German Wirehaired Pointer and The Springer Spaniel.


For The People Who Love The Outdoors – Learn about some of the most popular breeds of Hunting Dogs. See if you can handle a Black and Tan Coonhound.


The Beagle – A great hunter know for his termperment and sense of smell. Watch how to choose the perfect puppy.


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Hunting Dog Breeds
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