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Hunters Giving Back

Over the past 50 years society as taken a turn on hunters. We have gone from friends, neighbors, and conservationists to evil senseless killers. That really needs to change! Like any group that has been demonized in the eyes of the general public the best thing we can do is get involved and show the general public we are still their friends, family, and shepherds of the land. Getting involved does not mean cutting a check and saying you did your part.

Only through education and community involvement can we change the face of hunters back to what it should be.

Groups We Support

Wounded Warriors and Wounded Warriors Canada

The wounded warriors is a great organisation that helps veterans adjust to there new life when they return from duty injured. They provide a lot of opportunities for the public to get involved and I have seen several videos of verterans being taken out on hunts with local hunters. Check out the Wounded Warriors website as their is a life changing opportunity waiting for you with this organisation.

Hunters For The Hungry

It is sad in this day and age we still have people in our great countries that a struggling to make ends meet. Hunters for the hungry is a great organization that allows hunters to give back to families in their communities by donating meat. Before next season check into this great organization to see if you have a chapter in your community or something charity to help your neighbors that need it most.

Ducks Unlimited and Ducks Unlimited Canada

If you can believe it ducks at one point were almost wiped out in North America. Through the hard work of organisations like ducks unlimited we still have our ducks and our wetlands. I recommend all hunters check out their website as they are always up to a ton of good. The website is full of some of the best duck hunting tips and products on the net.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

One of my favorite hunting associations that is giving back in a major way. The RMEF or Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is dedicated to protecting and preserving habitat not only for elk but a lot of other wildlife. They are also making sure elk return to habitats where they were once free to roam. The RMEF is an organisation that you know when you give anything time or money you know they are using it wisely.

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Another one of my favorite organisations made up of Outdoorsmen is the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. These gentlemen and woman are out their making sure that the back country areas we have left in North America remain somewhat wild. As North America continues to grow this great group of people are making sure as hunters we will have access to public lands that are not overrun by atvs or people looking for money at all costs.

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Not only a great leader of men but also an avid outdoorsmen. The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership was established to ensure all Americans have a place to hunt and fish in the future. As a modern day hunter watching accessible land disappear daily it is a great organisation to support.


If you have have a charity or a cause you would like for us to add please email me at


We would love to help you get some hunters involved with your cause.



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Giving Back
One of the main principles of the hunting lifestyle is community. All people including hunters should find a way of giving back to their communities.