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Hunting Season Ready is dedicated to passing on the traditions of North American hunting. Our website is our way of giving back to this lifestyle that we truly love. Through the pages of our website we hope that everyone hunter or non-hunter who visits gains a similar appreciation for ethical wildlife conservation and habitat management. It is on all of us to protect the land and wildlife we have left for future generations to come.

We welcome you to our website and if you have any questions we can help with feel free to contact us at your convenience.

How to Get Hunting Season Ready

Four Of The Most Important Things Hunters Can Do In The Off-season.

Physical Condition – Too many pops during the summer can make us all a bit lazy and out of shape. Make sure you are prepared to not only walk into your hunting spots but also make sure you are also able to walk out after a successful hunt. Carrying a bull moose out of the woods usually means a couple trips for a large hunting party. Even the best of athletes will struggle with a 1500 lbs bull moose. Preparation is and always will be the key to any successful hunt.

Shooting Straight – Every year prior to hunting season you should ensure your rifles and shotguns are cleaned and sighted in. Local Archery and Gun Ranges are the perfect place to to hone your skills and make sure you are ready to hunt. Any time you travel long distance or fall in the field you should check to see that your gun is still shooting straight.

Gearing Up – One of the most important aspects to being hunting season ready is making sure your gear is good and ready to go. Sometimes we just have to do a simple check and other times we have to replace old technology with new. Either way before you head out to the field make sure is just as ready to go as you are.

Giving Back – Over recent years hunters have taken a lot of negative press which is unfortunate. One of the best ways to combat this is to take an active role in your community. It may be as easy as mentoring a new hunter or educating a non hunter on actually what it is you do. With a little bit of research we are sure you will find a cause that fills a special place in your heart.

Preparing For Hunting Season

Making sure you are ready for hunting season really comes down to three main things.

Educate Yourself On Your Prey and Your Preys Habitat – The off-season is a perfect time to learn more about the animals you hunt and the areas they live in. The easiest way to do this is search the internet. Their are 1000’s of great websites out there to help you find out more about what you are hunting. Another great way is to pick up a couple magazine subscriptions. They are on top of the latest trends and a great read in the bathroom.

Scouting New Hunting Spots – One of the best ways to grow at anything is to step out of your comfort zones and do something different. Nothing could be more true then when it comes to hunting. A great way to spend the off-season is to get out to new locations and scout. By going somewhere new you are going to challenge your senses of both sight and sound.  Instead of knowing where the game is you are going to force yourself to find tracks, scat, and sign. Even when you go back to your honey holes you will come back with a heightened sense of what is truly around you.

Buying And Learning To Use New Hunting Gear – Since most of us will buy some new gear in the off-season it is good practice to get out there and test it out in the field. Ensure you know how it works. The worst thing any ethical hunter can do is step into the woods or the field with an untested piece of equipment.

Opening Day Of Hunting Season

I cant honestly think of anything better then waking up at 4 am on the opening day of hunting season with a pocket full of tags and a truck packed and ready to go. I can speak for myself and the majority of my hunting is done in the fall. There is nothing like being out on a crisp fall morning waiting in anticipation for a monster buck to walk by. As the day goes on doubts go through your mind if the buck will come today or this season. When you finally see your deer all that work you put into being hunting season ready has been justified.

Gearing Up For Hunting Season

At least a month or two out of hunting season you should be checking your gear. Open those packs up if you already haven’t and make sure everything is still functioning properly. Whatever you can’t repair should be replaced.

Three Absolute Must Haves For The 2014 Hunting Season

Badlands Superday Pack – Making sure you get the essential in and out to your hunting spot is important. Badlands has put together this amazingly comfortable bag to do just that job. Not only is this bag durable but it also looks amazing in Realtree Camo. The Badlands Superday Pack will help to make sure you are hunting season ready this fall. What we like about this bag is the durability and overall quality name badlands packs have built over the years.

Piranta Pro Trophy Skinning Knife – I think we all been there. Out in the field about to dress an animal and the knife is barely fit to spread butter. Havalon has answered all of our prayers with the Piranta Pro Trophy Skinning Knife. The beauty little folding skinning knife comes with disposable blades. It is as easy as popping the old one off and snapping the new one on. I don’t know if we mentioned that the replaceable blades are on par with the sharpest scalpels.

Vortex Optics Diamondback 12×50 Binoculars – With one of the best warranties in the business it’s no question why Vortex is becoming one of our favorite optics companies. If the warranty doesn’t sell you then we are sure the pure value of their optics will. We consider Vortex to middle of the road on price but you are getting nothing but quality.

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Being Hunting Season Ready
Being hunting season ready means you are prepared mentally and physically for the hunt. It also means you have the utmost respect for all nature.