About Us

About Us

My love for the outdoors started for me at a very young age. Every positive male role model in my family was a hunter. My dad was a hunter, my uncles were all hunters, and my grandfather was hunter of legendary status to all of those who knew him. At a very young age I knew that I would one day be a hunter also.

Being a hunter in my family wasn’t as easy as buying a license, coming of age, or taking a course. You had to live four things.

1) Respect – You had to have the utmost respect for people and their property. You also had to have the utmost respect for the animals you hunted.

2) Responsibility – You had to be 100% responsible for your actions. When your pulled the trigger you were responsible for the bullet and anything it hit until the bullet stopped.

3) Preparedness – You had to know the animal you were hunting and how to kill it it the most humane manner. You had to know how to field dress that animal so as to not waste any part of its life.

4) Community – You shared your harvest with your friends and family.

I can clearly remember my first experience shooting a rifle. It was a 22 LR and my dad stood behind me and held the gun up. I was only 5 years old when I first shot a gun.

That very next year was my first hunting season hunting ruffed grouse. Though I don’t remember the first animal I shot I would be willing top bet everything I owned it was a ruffed grouse.  I cant say that everyone should teach their children to hunt at age 6 but I can say that living those 4 principles shaped me into a pretty good person today. I don’t know if a non-hunter would live those principles the way a hunter would. When you are dealing with something’s life or a potential accident that could injure or kill another animal the level of caring you have is very hard to explain. Your develop a very broad perspective for all life around you and you understand how your actions can impact lives from miles away from you.

Now jump forward to today. At 35 years old I have a 29 years of hunting experience under my belt. I am a big game hunter, a small game hunter, a waterfowl hunter, and a lover of the outdoors throughout North America. I wouldn’t consider myself to be trophy hunter and when asked I would tell you I don’t see hunting as a sport.  You wont find a wall full of mounts or any photos from exotic hunts I have been on at my home but I don’t mind that other hunters memorialize their hunts in that way. One more thing I am not the is a sharp shooter or sniper. I couldn’t tell you what my groupings are or if I am a sub m.o.a shooter. I am a functional shooter that can hit a kill zone at a comfortable range. If I don’t like the shot I don’t take it.

To me hunting is a lifestyle. A very humble lifestyle. I live my life from hunting season to hunting season and I am incredibly lucky to have a wife that encourages and supports this lifestyle. I also have an amazing circle of friends and family to share this lifestyle with as well.

Lake At Dawn

Sharing The Tradition

Hunting Season Ready is my way of giving back to this lifestyle that I owe so much to. I feel the hunting lifestyle is our last chance at building great communities. It wont be easy though. We live in a time when hunters are publicly demonized by the media.  But how many non-hunters do you know who spend their days trying to provide for friends and families? Or how many people actually know their neighbor anymore?

Hunting and being a hunter is something we should all be proud of. With this website I hope you find a bit of inspiration to give back to that tradition and if you are new to hunting I hope you find your motivation in adopting this lifestyle and sharing in this better way of life.

We thank you for visiting and we thank you for being a hunter.


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